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Melissa (face page here) 18. Atlanta.
QT Pies (animals & kids) :')
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therealprincessbae replied to your post: my mom just said “Oh Melissa didn’t ge…

do you cry in front of them?

ehhhh sometimes? They think I’m kinda heartless though and it’s like dang, why can’t I be in the middle kinda lol

my mom just said “Oh Melissa didn’t get my genes, she never cries. She’s just super sarcastic and nonchalant and only really big things make her cry”
ok so A. my whole family thinks I’m an asshole (which is true) (but I’m not mean) (but it’s really funny how they’ve like all come to that conclusion) (my sister in law was actually scared to talk to me at one point wtf) anyway but I TRULY don’t understand how they don’t know that
B. I cry over literally e v e r y t h i n g 

i’m really trying to grow my eyebrows out but this messy in between phase is going to make me kms

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